6 Factors That Will Make Your Marketing Video Unique

What makes marketing videos awesome? There are many factors that make a video shine out and more appealing to the audience. A video is not just about telling a story or showing a product using high definition cameras or dazzling studio technology. Videos aren’t supposed to answer each single question that a viewer might have. There is no sure way how a video could be made to connect instantly or likeable.

The following list has been made after observing and finding out the common elements that the most popular marketing videos have had in them. The best video production company should put all or a few of these elements into play while making a business video for a client.

  1.  A story: This is very basic. A good video has a beginning, middle and also an end… all weaved through a great story. The story may have a teasing end or a beginning- using the suspense factor. It is seen that popular videos are not about monotonous information about any product or service. It also does not carry simply a story about the company or the product. A good video tells a story strategically- incites the audience  in some way and then plugs in the brand somewhere.
  1. Humor: Viewers respond to narratives with a good sense of humor. A video doesn’t necessarily need to be hilarious or a laugh riot- but a little light heartedness makes things better. Humor helps the audience to connect to the brand better and faster.
  1. Music: Great music has a direct passage to the soul. A music track can make a viewer happy, sad or can stimulate him/her to be serious. A custom music in the beginning, the middle or at the end can have unseen but effective impact on the minds of the viewers.
  1. Curiosity: Videos that can raise the curiosity bar in viewers are very successful. If it can make the viewer “want some more” of information, or humor or anything related to your brand; then you have won half the battle. Get the content of the video done in a way so that it hits the curiosity corner of a person’s mind.
  1. Target well: You cannot make a video, which will be loved by everyone. Your video should be target-centric, in sync with the product or service you want to sell. Targeting may be age based, class based or income based. Make a sound targeting strategy before shooting the video.

6.  Production: Do not compromise with the production standards at any cost. A bad production house or not picking up the right tools may lower the standard of a video and will impact the purpose negatively.

Content by Sinema Films