6 Factors That Will Make Your Marketing Video Unique

4 January 2016

What makes marketing videos awesome? There are many factors that make a video shine out and more appealing to the audience. A video is not just about telling a story or showing a product using high definition cameras or dazzling studio technology. Videos aren’t supposed to answer each single question that a viewer might have. […]



Cost and Other Important Factors for Corporate Video Production

22 December 2015

Cost is an important factor in the making of a corporate web video. The overall cost depends on a number of factors, which we will be discussing in this article. Today a video can be shot with a Smartphone and uploaded on the internet without any cost involved in the process. On the other hand, […]



Making Video Production More Interesting and Enhancing its Quality

12 November 2015

Videos can be used as effective tools to improve inbound marketing for any brand or organization. A large part of internet traffic is driven and directed by videos. But making a viewer watch a video from the beginning to the end can be quite challenging. Statistics show that 30%-35% of the viewers skip watching a […]



The Importance of A Well Defined Target Audience

30 September 2015

Online marketers need to focus on targeting the right audience for maximizing their outreach. Identifying who the target audience is a crucial factor for maximizing sales and demands. Keeping “general” targets or targeting “everyone” is a bizarre and fruitless concept. Target marketing helps in better brand management and achieves higher return on investment. This gives […]


How Corporate Video Production Companies Can Help B2B Marketers

1 September 2015

  Working with great corporate video production companies can help you immensely in your marketing and sales efforts. Taking your project from concept to delivery the corporate video production companies will produce brilliant corporate videos that will educate and engage your prospects about your brand and the services that you offer. Indeed, if you are […]


Does Your Video Branded Content Have The ‘It’ Factor ? 3 Key Questions For Brand Directors

29 May 2014

Branded video content can’t just be entertainment or we’ll watch it and not think of your brand at all, and it can’t be just about your brand, for then it is an ad, and we won’t want to watch it to begin with.   Creating engaging video content that will hold the attention of audiences […]


The Next Step After Video Production: 4 Tips To Ensure Your Digital Video Content is Found – And Watched

24 May 2014

4 simple things to do to make sure that your audiences find and watch your video content. You have just received the video files from the video production company, and you have already sent it to the TV networks and posted it on YouTube. Phew, now you can sit back and relax. Err, not so […]


Why B2B Marketers Should Amp Up on Video Production and Video Content Marketing

15 May 2014

The best-in-class B2B marketers are using creative and relevant video content to reach busy B2B buyers who want quick, concise information that guides buying decisions.   Buyers – both B2B and B2C –  are more informed than ever before, thanks to the Internet.  More often than not they are meeting sales people not to have […]