Video Production Myths That We Need To Demystify

23 May 2016

Videos are an excellent medium for story-telling. On the other hand, they are also extremely effective for promoting your products or services. In fact, a video is a tool which will offer you the best possible ROI. So, if created properly, videos will surely attract a lot of traffic to your website. Most importantly, they […]


Where To Place Advertising Dollars: TV Advertising or Digital Video ?

2 April 2016

Forrester’s Forecast View Model predicted towards the end of 2014 that 36% of the entire U.S. ad spending will be represented in digital forms by 2019. On the contrary, the U.S. TV ad market is still growing faster than digital video, according to a 2014 eMarketer report. As we see some of the big brands […]



The Power of Adding Humor to Video Marketing Campaigns

9 October 2015

Using humor in internet marketing (through blogs, videos, social media updates etc.) can be a great idea and we will discuss in this article how humor can increase customer outreach. At the same time it can backfire and burn all the efforts if a good balance is not maintained between information and emotions. It can […]



Great Content Marketing Tips from a Massive YouTube Celebrity

5 October 2015

If you are looking for video content marketing tips, listen to what theatre-geek-turned-YouTube celebrity, Matthew Patrick (MatPat) has to say. Hard to believe the brain child of this 20-something, Game Theorists (his YouTube channel) has about 5 million subscribers and more than half billion views. Surprised, aren’t you? With a degree in Neuroscience, MatPat dived […]



Improving Retargeting Campaign Results with Videos

22 September 2015

Retargeting is a great online marketing technique for keeping those people within the circle, who had once (or multiple times) expressed their interest in your brand by visiting your site. Marketers in the past have used display ads for remarketing, but with the use of several third-party vendors remarketing with video is now an available […]


Corporate Video Production Companies: 6 Steps To Getting Stunning Videos From

27 August 2015

How To Get Your Corporate Video Production Companies To Produce Beautiful Videos On The Cheap You are ready to try video marketing, and you are confident that the new corporate videos are going to put out are going to be the next viral hit. First things first: to find the best corporate video production companies, […]


Video Production Companies: 5 Steps To Hiring Them

22 August 2015

You are ready to try video marketing, but first things first: to find the best video production companies to produce the video content. Below are some pointers on what to look for when evaluating some prospective video companies: Their Quality Meets Your Standard No production company is able to produce more than their quality of […]


The Smart Way Of Getting Video Production Estimates

20 October 2014

How To Forgo Cheap and Get Best Value For Your Dollar : A Guide Knowing what information to relay, and relaying that information clearly and uniformly across all the vendors you are considering for your project will help you get the correct video production estimates and identify the one that offers best value.   There […]


Video Production Tip For Marketing Managers Looking To Improve Their Digital Video Ads

15 May 2014

The way that audiences watch content on TV and online is different, and marketers making video ads for both media have to consider the most effective storytelling formats for each. The same video ad should be edited differently to take care of these watching habits, and marketers should consider having two storyboards that are similar […]